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MIGOS “Racks 2 Skinny” Lyrics:

(Durel made the beat, I’ma rock wit it)

[Verse 1: Takeoff]
I cop me a coupe and I hop in it (coupe)
He claimin’ the game but he not it (nah)
That Birkin bag came with the fire in it (brrr)
He told you a rap with a lie in it (lie)
He got some new jewels
He’s flexin’ his ice
He’s praying to God he don’t die in it (God)
Let me take them back to the bando on the Nawf
Don’t you remind me (Nawf)
I try to stay low
But I shine so bright
So it be hard not to find me (shine)
These rainbow diamonds up in that Roley
No this not your regular time piece (rainbow)
Come place your order
Goin’ to cost you a quarter
And there’s a fee to stand beside me (fee)
God forbid if somebody try me
I’m turning this shit to a crime scene (grrr)
Grab a cig and put up the kid
The minute draco in the arm sling (shoot)
And ain’t no jumpin’, no switchin’ no side
When I let it sing, the bell ring (no)
Please don’t judge me just cause of my cover
Cause you never seen what I seen (go)
Movin’ the tenants and still trappin’ in it (trap, trap)
It’s a handoff fifty (woo)
I’ll stack it up, double it, spend it (stack it, stack it)

[Hook: Quavo]
When the racks too skinny (too skinny), I can make somethin’, squeeze a milli (squeeze, uh)
When the racks too skinny (too skinny), I can make somethin’, squeeze a milli (squeeze, woo)
When the racks too skinny (go), I can make somethin’, squeeze a milli (squeeze, uh)
When the racks too skinny (skinny), I can make somethin’, squeeze a milli (squeeze, uh)
When the racks too skinny (too skinny), I can make somethin’, squeeze a milli (squeeze)

[Verse 2: Offset]
Dropped out of school (hey)
Kicked down the door, bust it down now we full (kicked door)
Know bout the denim, the patches velour
I sent em, they split em, don’t go back and forth
I got a stick, this bitch take down a horse
Basketball seats in the Wraith like a court (hey)
We get you split, get you put in a morgue (morgue)
Big body mansion with basketball courts (courts)
Count a whole M up my thumb was sore (sore)
Just look at this bitch and I know I’ma score (score)
200 cash with a mag in my drawer (mag)
I’m pullin’ strings like I play the guitar (hey)
Draco’s and MAC’s we ready for war (Draco, Draco)
We petty, we spend every day with them cut up machete
I spend a little lettuce, he sent to the medics
My money come steady, somebody gon’ die, only way I can dead it
I heard your money was shedding
We on the verge, worth hundred’s of millions (verge)
They trick of your top and I took off my ceiling
Cash in the vault, I got more than a million
M’s in the bank, I don’t care bout’ a M (please)
Play with the gang, we stay and we drill em’
Fuck it, we crash we villain
I’m in my bag and I’m hittin’

[Hook: Quavo]
When the racks too skinny (too skinny), I can make somethin’, squeeze a milli (squeeze, woo)
When the racks too skinny (go), I can make somethin’, squeeze a milli (squeeze, uh)
When the racks too skinny (skinny), I can make somethin’, squeeze a milli (squeeze, suwoo)
When the racks too skinny (too skinny), I can make somethin’, squeeze a milli (squeeze, uh)
When the racks too skinny (racks), I can make somethin’, squeeze a milli (squeeze, woo)
When the racks too skinny (go), I can make somethin’, squeeze a milli (squeeze, uh)
When the racks too skinny (skinny), I can make somethin’, squeeze a milli (squeeze, suwoo)
When the racks too skinny (racks), I can make somethin’, squeeze a milli (squeeze, uh)
(Durel made the beat, I’ma rock wit it)

Music video by Migos performing Racks 2 Skinny. © 2020 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

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